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Food and Weight Gain worries this Christmas?

Christmas is almost here and for many people this also brings a lot of anxiety around food choices and potential weight gain. If you've been a subscriber of mine for a couple of years or less, you may not know that much of my work 3 plus years ago was focussed on helping people lose weight. But not in the conventional sense, which mostly involves calorie restriction and excessive exercise... I’m a champion for intuitive eating, learning to listen to and trust your body, your appetite and to trust food. This kind of work typically also involves healing the metabolism, which for many people who struggle with weight loss, is stuck in a state of dysfunction due to years and years of unhealthy, unnatural eating patterns and chronic blood sugar dysregulation. I was inspired to write this blog post in the run up to Christmas after a conversation with a client earlier this week. Emma admitted to me how she starts to feel anxiety as soon as it’s December about the anticipation of Christmas and her worries about food and potential weight gain. She shared how it gets worse as Christmas gets closer and she hates the fact it has such a big impact on her overall enjoyment of what should be a lovely, happy time of the year. Because of this, we decided to spend her next few sessions specifically working on her mindset and relationship with food so that she can feel calmer and more confident about her food choices, less concerned about any potential weight gain and most importantly, so that she can enjoy Christmas without the heavy grey cloud of ‘food’ and ‘weight gain’ hanging over her the whole time. As I mentioned, this isn’t something I specifically work on anymore but having these conversations reminded me of how food and weight gain are such a major source of stress and worry for many people at this time of year. So, given that December is usually a quieter month for me and in the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to offer something new and special for a few lucky people… A bundle of 3 x 1hr sessions with me to be taken between now and January 20th specifically for people who, like Emma, worry and stress about food and weight gain over the Christmas period. Ideally, I suggest 2 sessions are taken before Christmas so that we can work on your mindset and put some practical strategies in place and then the final session is taken after Christmas for a recap, lessons learnt, and we’ll then look at how you can maintain your new mindset and eating habits in the future. However, it's also possible to use the sessions at any point between Monday 12th of December to January 20th 2023 (ex

cluding 24th December – 2nd of Jan). You’ll also be able to get support from me in between the sessions via email and facebook messenger. Your investment in this special offer? Normally, it would cost $425 to work with me at this level in this way, however in the spirit of giving I am reducing this down by a third to $295. I only have capacity for 3 people so if you’d like to find out more, or perhaps you know you’re a definite yes already, simply reply to this email showing your interest (no sign-up necessary) and we’ll be in touch to arrange your next steps. As a reminder, this offer is right for you if you: - Worry about overeating at Christmas. - Worry about putting on weight at Christmas. - Feel the need to watch and restrict what you eat meanwhile everyone else around you seems to be able to eat whatever they want. - Can’t relax and fully enjoy the festive period because of your fears related to food and weight gain. - Beat yourself up about what you do eat. - Feel guilty about any indulgent foods. - Don’t understand why you are holding on to weight despite the fact you don’t eat as much as other people. - Find that you’re irritable and tense during this time and you would love to be able to enjoy Christmas for what it is. - Understand your cravings and learn how to resolve them. - Learn how to eat well and indulge without putting on weight. - Learn how to heal your metabolism. - Want to resolve your relationship with food and your body. I look forward to hearing from and supporting you if this for you!

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