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The Truth About Nutritional Supplements

You've probably been told to take a selection - or a slew - of vitamins at some point in your life or chose to take them on your own accord. After all, one half of the population takes supplements. However, there's a lot of controversy over their efficacy and the role they play in health.

Many individuals feel great with the use of vitamins and minerals. Even people who maintain a very healthy lifestyle report that vitamins increase their energy and support health. Supplements can be very helpful for people that are unable to get adequate nutrition from diet alone.

With hundreds of brands circulating in the almost 130 Billion dollar supplement industry, there's definitely something to be said for quality. There are arguments that synthetic pills vary greatly from high quality supplements. It is super important to place an emphasis on quality in anything that we ingest.

Some signs and symptoms that may indicate supplements are right for you:

- Chronic fatigue

- Brain for or hair loss

- Thyroid condition

- High stress lifestyle

- Digestive issues

- Lowered immunity

- inability to lose weight caused by an unhealthy gut

There's no instant solution, just experimentation and tangible relations. Listen to your body. Food has an impact on everything, and what you're putting in your mouth should be optimized before turning to supplements. Supplements are appropriate in most situations, but food comes first.

Whether or not you make the personal decision to take supplements, keep bio-individuality in mind. One's person provisions (supplements) can be another person's poison.

If you would like to learn all about vitamins and minerals, how and where to get them from food and when best supplemented, supplements for gut health and digestion, what questions to ask when selecting a supplement and what foods to eat to obtain all of these nutrients through nutrition, simply subscribe below and I will reach out. Or feel free to message me on my social media platforms as well. I will be combining this into my health and wellness accountability group as well so that you can work on your goals and apply what your are learning about supplements to determine if any deficiencies could be a factor in reaching your goals to include weight loss.

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