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The Unexpected Benefits of Completing an Elimination Protocol

Today I am featuring one of my amazing clients that I've had the privilege to coach over the last six months. I am grateful to her willingness to provide us all with a glimpse into her own health journey! In this post, she highlights the unexpected benefits she experienced from completing an elimination protocol. She also shares how hesitant she was initially to commit to completing this protocol with me, as well as all that she learned once she dove in.

"The findings from the food protocol were shocking to me. I was overwhelmed and felt like there were more foods on the bad list than there were on the good list, including gluten, dairy, eggs, and grains. I barely even knew what gluten was or how on earth I was supposed to avoid it! I didn't make many of the suggested dietary changes at first because I didn't know how to cook without including at least one or two of the things listed as a sensitivity on my report, and I was still wondering if avoiding food sensitivities was just something people dead to be trendy :) I finally bit the bullet, committed 100% to completing the gut healing protocol with Traci, and now I want to share my experience with you! Below are the unexpected benefits that I found through completing this elimination protocol "

  • I don't have to settle for feeling just OK.

As it turns out, feeling bloated all day, every day is not normal, and what I thought was almost unnoticeable bloat every morning is actually very noticeable when it comes back after a period of being completely gone. When I was in the elimination phase of this protocol, my usual morning bloating was replaced by a very gratifying feeling of weightlessness, and once that became my new normal, I knew I didn't want to go back to feeling crappy again.

  • When it comes to skin care, nutrition is more important than beauty products.

The most obvious physical transformation that I experienced was clear, glowing skin for the first time in a long time! What you put IN your body is far more important when it comes to skin health than what you put on your body.

  • I have more energy without drinking coffee.

I was always the girl that needed coffee to get through my day. However, I am so glad I finally decided to break the habit, because I quickly discovered that coffee only fuels my anxiety, and I actually have a lot more energy without it.

  • I do not have to eat less food to lose weight, I just have to eat the right food.

One of the most unexpected, but very welcome, changes I saw from completing this protocol was the weight I released after I stopped feeding my body the foods it didn't agree with! Within the first week I was already down 4 pounds. And not only that, but the difference was immediately noticeable when I looked in the mirror as I mentioned before I was also rid of all of the belly bloat.

  • Meal planning is literally life-changing.

Having a plan for what you're going to be eating throughout the week is a total game changer! I was the queen of winging it with my meal, ordering pizza once a week, or skipping lunch then snacking myself through the rest of the day until I wasn't even hungry for dinner until nine or 10 at night. Not only did having a list of foods to help me create my meals plans help me to stay on track but saved me money at the store as I was not walking around the grocery buying random snacks along the way.

  • Sugar Cravings are not in an inevitable part of the day.

This was a difficult one for me to eliminate. But once I got over the hump of not overloading on carbs and having dessert every day, I found myself craving less sugar. Now the natural sweetness from fruit does it for me now that I have my blood sugar under control.

  • Food is for fuel, not just for fun, but can be both!

I discovered that I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I definitely was using eating as a hobby and using food to reward myself, instead of using food to fuel my body the way that it's supposed to. This realization alone was worth the effort it took to stay on track with the meal plans, and has forever changed the way I view food.

One of the biggest benefits of completing this protocol, where's the positive changes I made in my nutrition created a natural ripple effect that resulted in multiple other healthy lifestyle changes! Being mindful of my food choices was empowering, and it inspired me to work out more, make more time for personal development, and find more joy in every day!!

Figuring out food sensitivities didn't mean my client couldn't ever eat pizza or pasta again, instead she is working on cooking with ingredients that leave her feeling her best but still enjoying the foods she loves.

If you are on the fence about completing an elimination protocol let this be your client has felt remarkably better on a day to day basis, and is in so much more control of her health.

Are you ready to eat in a way that gives you more energy, clearer skin, better digestion and makes you thrive!?

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