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The Unexpected Benefits of Completing an Elimination Protocol

Today I am featuring one of my amazing clients that I've had the privilege to coach over the last six months. I am grateful to her willingness to provide us all with a glimpse into her own health journey! In this post, she highlights the unexpected benefits she experienced from completing an elimination protocol. She also shares how hesitant she was initially to commit to completing this protocol with me, as well as all that she learned once she dove in.

"The findings from the food protocol were shocking to me. I was overwhelmed and felt like there were more foods on the bad list than there were on the good list, including gluten, dairy, eggs, and grains. I barely even knew what gluten was or how on earth I was supposed to avoid it! I didn't make many of the suggested dietary changes at first because I didn't know how to cook without including at least one or two of the things listed as a sensitivity on my report, and I was still wondering if avoiding food sensitivities was just something people dead to be trendy :) I finally bit the bullet, committed 100% to completing the gut healing protocol with Traci, and now I want to share my experience with you! Below are the unexpected benefits that I found through completing this elimination protocol "

  • I don't have to settle for feeling just OK.

As it turns out, feeling bloated all day, every day is not normal, and what I thought was almost unnoticeable bloat every morning is actually very noticeable when it comes back after a period of being completely gone. When I was in the elimination phase of this protocol, my usual morning bloating was replaced by a very gratifying feeling of weightlessness, and once that became my new normal, I knew I didn't want to go back to feeling crappy again.

  • When it comes to skin care, nutrition is more important than beauty products.

The most obvious physical transformation that I experienced was clear, glowing skin for the first time in a long time! What you put IN your body is far more important when it comes to skin health than what you put on your body.